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● Varistor voltage
Voltage between terminals of varistor when 1 mA of DC current is applied

● Clamping voltage
Peak voltage across the varistor with a specified peak impulse current (8/20μs)

● Maximum Allowable Voltage
Maximum AC voltage (rms) or the maximum DC voltage which may be applied continuously

● Leakage Current
Maximum current with rated voltage which applies for 40ms-5s

● Withstanding surge current
The maximum peak current that can be applied to the varistor for a single 8/20μs current waveform, with line voltage applied, without causing device failure.

● Energy dissipation E
The maximum energy within the varistor voltage change of ±10% when one impulse of10/1000μs or 2ms current waveform is applied.(There is no specific standard for energy of TMOV)

● Typical Capacitance
The inherent capacitance value of varistor

● Rated Functioning Temperature (Tf)
The temperature at which the Thermal-fuse changes its state of conductivity to open circuit with detection of current as the only load (optional Tf of SET thermal fuses: 102oC, 115 oC, 125 oC, 130 oC, 136 oC, 145 oC)

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