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Thermo-Fuse Resistor

Thermally protected fusing resistor (TRXF) is a new fail safe fusing resistor, which integrates alloy thermal links and 1W or 2W wire wound fusing resistor.
TRXF has a better safe performance without causing extra high temperature when suffered abnormal over load.
With compact space-saving design, TRXF is best for protection the LED lights, LED power supply and Adapter.
Compliant with standard IEC60115-1, JIS C 5201, GB/T 5729-2003, UL1412, UL60691, GB9816-2008. Rohs and Reach Compliant.

Type Fusing resistor Thermal-links– File No:E214712
Rated voltage(V) Rated Power (W) Nominal resistance Resistance tolerance Model Rated functioning temp.(℃) Rated current(A) Rated
 Voltage (V)   
 TRXF2 250Vac 2W 3—68Ω ±5% B7 150℃ 3A 250Vac
 TRXF2 250Vac 2W 3—68Ω ±5% B21 221℃ 3A 250Vac
Note:The thermal link TF can be customized according to detailed application, such as 136C,145C and etc. 

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